BELL Equipment and Kobelco: Africa’s Perfect Mining Match

Chad Miller May 22, 2020 No Comments

BELL Equipment and Kobelco: Africa’s Perfect Mining Match

Mining has always played a significant role in Africa’s economy and with the continent’s commercial mining operations growing from strength to strength, it’s only fitting that mining companies would need to top quality machinery with cost-effective pricing.

To achieve this goal, BELL Equipment’s technical teams have paid attention to the needs of the industry and come up with the ” Perfect Mining Match”; the BELL Equipment B45E 6×6 Articulated Dump Truck and the Kobelco 850LC Excavator. This unstoppable pair offer an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution to the African mining industry.

To give readers a little background, BELL Equipment was established in Richard’s Bay South Africa over 60 years ago and has grown into an industrial manufacturing powerhouse with a footprint that spans the globe! Thanks to BELL’s dedication, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable equipment supplier which offers the world’s largest range of Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs). ADTs are BELL’s core product and globally they are acknowledged as an ADT specialist for thanks to ongoing product innovation and class-leading performance.

The BELL B45E ADT can take full advantage of its 25m³ 2:1 capacity and 41000kg carrying capability thanks to a 390kW engine which produces 2460Nm of torque!

The other member of this dynamic duo, the 370kW Kobelco SK850LC Excavator is equipped with a 5.1m³ bucket and a breakout force of 432kN. The operating weight of the SK850LC is rated at 78 200 – 80 500kg with a 4440mm undercarriage width.

Together the BELL ADT and Kobelco excavator offers an optimum loading cycle of 5 passes which minimises idle time and reduces turnaround time! All this while ensuring peace of mind thanks to industry-leading back-up and support across Africa courtesy of BELL and their partners!

With performance like that, it’s easy to see that these machines are the perfect combination for almost any mining operation and getting your hands on them is as simple as contacting your nearest BELL Equipment representative today.

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A Perfect Mining Match