FIELDKING Multi-Crop Harvester

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FIELDKING Multi-Crop Harvester
FIELDKING Multi Crop Harvester Afri Pro Quip

FIELDKING Multi-Crop Harvester

Indian farm equipment manufacture FIELDKING is proud to introduce their Multi-Crop Harvester (MCH). The Multi-Crop Harvester is a welcome and extremely appropriate addition to their range of affordable quality farm implements.

FIELDKING Multi Crop Harvester

FIELDKING Multi-Crop Harvester

The Multi-Crop Harvester was designed for small farmers and co-operatives who are looking to begin mechanising their operations affordably.

Multi-Crop Harvester Key Features

  • HST (Hydrostatic transmission) with 40cc & electromagnetically operated valve for high efficiency and easy steering.
  • Longer rubber track with less ground pressure. Designed with good balance.
  • Vertical threshing rotor and strong concave sieves.
  • Larger feeding bridge with better feeding capacity.
  • The whole structure is more sturdy.
  • The machine body is compact which is convenient for harvesting of fields in hilly region & small fields
  • The machine is light-weight which reduces the earth pressure and makes it convenient for the operation in paddy fields
FIELDKING Multi Crop Harvester Specs

FIELDKING Multi-Crop Harvester Specs

To find out more about the FIELDKING Multi-Crop Harvester, visit the FIELDKING website.

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