Getting Noticed: Make the Most of Your Adverts on Afri Pro Quip

Chad Miller January 14, 2019 No Comments

Getting Noticed: Make the Most of Your Adverts on Afri Pro Quip

Getting noticed on the internet is a MASSIVE priority for anyone who wants to land a sale. That’s because the internet is a big place and there are literally millions of people offering something.

The plus side to millions of people offering something is that there are millions of people looking for something, and you may have what they are looking for!

To help people find what they are looking for, Afri Pro has put together a list of top features you must include in your adverts to get noticed by customers across Africa!

Get Registered

Getting Registered is the first step to getting onto Afri Pro Quip. Registration on Afri Pro Quip is FREE (follow this link to register:

Get A Subscription plan

If you want to choose Afri Pro Quip’s free subscription option or you have more stock to sell, then have a look at Afri Pro Quip’s subscription plans (follow this link to find a plan that’s best for you:

Get Advertising

Once you have registered your account, its time to get advertising! First things first, you’ll need to click on the “Post New Ad” button.

Once you have selected to create a New Advert, you’ll need to select the appropriate category. Then scroll down begin filling out the Details.

Get the Details Right

Once you have selected the correct Category, its time to complete the details. This is extremely important because this is what customers will see!

Ad Title

Make sure that this is as descriptive as possible. For example, instead of writing; “Mercedes Truck” use; “2010 Mercedes-Benz Axor 3535 8×4 Chassis-Cab For Sale”. The better your title, the easier it for customers and; more importantly search engines like Google to find your advert.

Ad Description

A detailed description will give customers a better idea of what you are selling. Remember to include the most important bits of information like mileage or hours worked, any damages, information on maintenance etc. The more information you give, the better your chances of making a sale!


Keywords help customers and find your adverts when searching through Afri Pro Quip. Make sure you use keyword which are relevant to your products and to similar alternative products. So instead of just using “Mercedes” and “Truck”, try using; “Mercedes Benz”, “Scania”, “M.A.N” and “18-wheeler”

Ad Price: Currency

Choosing the most appropriate currency is very important as some buyers may be scared off by a currency which seems foreign to them. Luckily, most traders respect a US Dollar price but whenever possible, its best to use local currency.

Sale Price

ALWAYS include a Sale Price! Buyers always feel more comfortable when they see a Sale Price. Even if you’re are open to negotiation, a Sale Price is a good way to break the ice.

Your Phone/Mobile

ALWAYS include a phone number with your international dialing code.

Images and Video

An Advert with images and video gets up to 50% more response than an advert without images. On Afri Pro Quip you can publish up to five images!

Ad Location

Always add in your location. This will help customers find your products much easier and help them determine where they can get it.

Your location is broken into:

  • Select Country,
  • State,
  • Address,
  • and Set Latitude & Longitude (Optional).

Select Ad Post Type

Select the option that you wish to use. If you have purchased a subscription Plan, you can select it here. If not, then just select the Regular option.


Click the “PUBLISH AD” button and away you go!