Rwanda Shows Their Support Agricultural Mechanization

Chad Miller July 7, 2020 No Comments

Rwanda Shows Their Support Agricultural Mechanization

The Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources and AGRA have put forward a call to businesses and individuals for proposals and business models that can boost mechanisation in Rwanda’s Agricultural sector.

Mechanization, along with other farm inputs such as fertilizers, improved seeds and pesticides, can significantly improve agricultural productivity in Rwanda. Mechanisation is a powerful tool in achieving sustainable agricultural production because it enhances human capacity with the potential beneficiaries being men and women farmers. It allows timeliness, efficiency and consistency in field operations. This is critical for land preparation especially in Rwanda where there is sequential cropping owing to the receipt of rainfall through two seasons a year in most parts of the country.

Farm mechanization can help perform the power-intensive and ergonomically arduous tasks. It can also relieve the growing seasonal labour constraints that are experienced by farmers. It also helps compensate for the emigration of rural youth who are disenchanted with the drudgery involved in agriculture. Thus mechanization, contrary to the restricted opinion on labour displacement, stands to complement human labour in improving agriculture production in Rwanda.

GoR wants to enhance the use of mechanization in the agricultural value chains as a response to COVID19 which has led to a lack of human labour available to undertake agricultural works. AGRA in partnership with MINAGRI seeks to identify business models for increased mechanization services in Rwanda.

Business models may be built around consortia of stakeholders including Farmers and their organizations, Mechanization service providers, Equipment manufacturers and distributors, financial institutions and technology providers. All are eligible applicants. Innovative, bankable business models will benefit from the de-risking facility that will be made available.

Concepts must demonstrate how the available de-risking funds can enhance the uptake and usage of mechanization in the various stages of the agricultural production cycle, whereby a study conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture indicates the priority for mechanization in irrigation, spraying/weeding, post-harvest handling and land preparation.

Responses to this call should clearly demonstrate how applicants will effectively enhance access to mechanization services for the benefit of farmers by showing the business case of mechanization for all stakeholders: farmers, mechanization services providers, equipment manufacturers and distributors and financial institutions.

All parties interested in submitting proposals and becoming part of this initiative can find more information by clicking here.

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